Madiera Island- A Best Place For Short Break.

Madeira island lies at the right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which is a real treat for nature lovers. In most of the definitive ways, Madeira island can be compared with Nepal but obviously, Madeira is an island and Nepal is a landlocked country, but as I have been recently traveled to Madeira.

I can say that apart from the Sea, the two places do have lot of similarities. Madeira is although only 741 square kilometers but it has quite a same geological variations like Nepal. Madeira is definitely the hilly island where one encounters with various tunnels and bridges’ connections.  And because of these facilities, within couple of hours journey,

one feels and sees the geological, biological and cultural simulation into daily living. You get to go on the top of the island and within hours, you could lay flat on your back having sun bath on the hot beaches. The tropical jungles lure your imaginative naturalist prowess and the variety of scenery, kind of evolves your attentions at all the time. The exotic colors of the flowers stand out from among the blue sea and the emerald-green vegetation; this is an archipelago where two-thirds are a protected area and where the largest Laurisilva forest in the world is located. The spring temperature, felt all year round, You can go for a walk along the network of levadas which is the popular irrigation channels, visit the city of Funchal and discover the heritage associated with the Discoveries or roam-around the island.

There are various routes where you can hike all along witnessing the real sense of natural beauty. Tourists use to hire the Rental cars and leave them on any start point to further continue on hiking. Walking on the maintained trekking path, you get to see the real substances in satisfaction where the tiredness don’t mean at all. The pure and fresh air definitely lure you exactly like in the rural part of Nepal. The blue sky, green hills are exact like Nepal, only it shows a bit more blueish on the southern front. In winter, you get to see the north liner as snowy as Nepalese mountains.

 The island, which is heavily depended on tourists. 97% of its people live on tourism related businesses. The temperature in average drops minimum at 16 degree centigrade on January and February, tops at 23 degree centigrade in average on August and September. So, it is said that the whole year is tourist finds friendly climate in this island. Banana, Madeira wine and brandy are exported into main land. The main shipping lines berth in island’s coast but having all of them, the younger generations are hardly could be seen in and around island.

According to 2011 consensus, 267,785 numbers of registered people have been living in here but there are still such places where one can literally count population by through fingers. There are even such places, where you could miss human beings. It seems like, people have started to flee the island. Madeira has hilly areas with numerous tunnels and bridges constructed to connect each. Nepal could be better than this, if such developments exist in there too.

Nepal has dozens of rivers and streams which could elevate the wholesome of beauty of the hilly region. The politicians are such a dedicated in Madeira and Portugal to make things on right track but in Nepal, it has just apposite characters in Politicians. Popular feasts, which take place all year round, are opportunities to appreciate traditional gastronomic flavors and see Madeira partying, especially for the Carnival parades, the Flower Festival, the Atlantic Festival and, above all, the end-of-year fireworks display.

 Madeira Island itself is an “Eden” of abundant greenery: avocados, mangoes, orchids and blossom in the rich soil of an old volcano off the coast of Morocco (though technically, the island belongs to Portugal). With a stunning 99 miles of coastline, craggy hiking trails galore and the world’s longest fireworks show, it’s a paradise that will be turning heads in years to come. Main remark : Madeira is a safest island for any tourist to wander around.

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