Nepali paintings by Prakash KC

Writer, Artist, Poet, Journalist

About Me

The Nature and its multitude and solitude side of colours and moods always attract my subconscious CORE to let the feeling float along with. So thereby, I get to grab my brushes, colours, palette and easel and vanish in deep imagination with it. I even do capture these with camera and pen. I often write as well. I’m KC, Prakash KC, originally from Nepal, but moved here in London since 2010 from Hong- Kong after living there more than a decade.

Some one said, and said that hundred percent right…time doesn’t wait for none, we may find same sort of time but that time isn’t the one that we have just passed by. Memories lay softly on the lane where time leaves its foot steps, all we could do is to disappear into it.  One can easily pass money, belongings to other but not the time. Once its gone, its gone, all remains is the regrets and memories..


the one that used to love me

hasn’t been on talking terms with me,

me but on other hand, stranded right there

where traffics used to flow one direction.