Gurung Couple-wester Nepal


Portrait painting on paper with acrylic colour.

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A Gurung couple from Pokhara, Nepal recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, marking a significant milestone in their lives together. The Gurungs [Surya and Manju] are an ethnic group primarily inhabiting the hilly regions of Nepal, known for their rich cultural heritage and close-knit communities. Surya was a British Gurkha soldier and later moved to UK for their settlement status in UK.

In Gurung culture, marriage holds great importance, symbolizing the union not just of two individuals but also of their families and communities. A 35th wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion, representing years of commitment, love, and shared experiences.

Throughout their married life, the Gurung couple has likely faced numerous challenges and triumphs together. They have built a strong foundation of trust, understanding, and mutual respect, which has sustained their relationship over the years.

They have a son and a daughter together. This is a acrylic painting creating on a canvass for them as a gift.


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