Reality is thicker than Dream after all….


At least, by your means, you can create a ‘WORLD’ by yourself around you and for you indeed, which often is pronounced a ‘small’ but ‘beautiful’ WORLD’. As obviously, as regular lovers, they planned and started their lives together to make a wonderful and beautiful world. Their love story was really notable and at the same time wonderful. Those were the times when things seemed to be easy but in reality, that was tough. Necessities were less but availability was limited too. Every era has it’s share of ‘ups and downs’, so definitely they had gained some of those for themselves too but those era weren’t the same in terms of sensitivities as today. Convictions were simple, commitments though were tough. Every single belief was heavily strong but contradictions were certainly less.

 By all means, after remarkable set-ups, they finally had started their lives away from their respective families.

It was amazing love story, really ! Just imaging…. half a century ago, what would be the social life like back then in Nepal? A lady from NEWAR and Man from Chhetri gathered to get involved for the conjugal life, was merely out of the system back then and that;s why, was definitely not easy deed, but they done it, had it building by themselves. Away and quite far from their families, they had started their married lives and finally settled right there for good to raise their children. They already had planned for the ‘Better Tomorrow’. It wasn’t simply a process but it rather was a dream. They wanted to live the whole-some of their lives through their children’s experiences, especially through their son.  Hens-wise, they married, built a house and started to have children. They had actually chosen the names quite some times early.

I’m talking about my parents. Yes, after couples of daughters, they had me and named Prakash which is LIGHT. BIJULI BAHADUR [father] and TEJ KUMARI [mother] jointly had their first son as PRAKASH. All the names fall on the lights…as TEJ which is RAY, BIJULI is Electricity and PRAKASH is light. They had pre-planned for it. When I born, in that place, my mother threw a party, father was in the Philippines then and when he came to home, the first thing had he done was to hold me by his chest. And now, they are there back in Nepal in their old days, weak, sick and vulnerable, and I’m here in UK.

Although, I don’t have children but I can feel the joy of having babies specially son. According to traditional Nepalese concepts and values, having a son is like having a solid base for the future.But what have I done for them? NOTHING. Is it the reality which easily shed away the dreams?

One thing is sure that the present time is not favorable for the traditional Nepalese concept. It was the time that people started to seek the opportunities aboard. Some were thrilled to find the better life styles away into another countries and some were forced to seek sources outside the boarder to make their lives better in Nepal. And there always the string that leads one to other and eventually gets tangled itself. So many reasons stand tall to make things complicated and difficult for reunion permanently back in Nepal with parents for those sons and daughters who once have had vanished the country for one way or another.

So, here I am, with tons of reason, I’m looked to be formidable to reside back in Nepal and my parents who once had dreamt big on me, are living alone weak, vulnerable but at the same time, cherishing together for their long and valued 55 years of conjugal lives.

Even seeing them on the still photograph, gives pleasant sensation in the heart here in UK. GOD BLESS THEM ALWAYS…..right now, can’t do more than that. I though become a complete worthless for them indeed……


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