My Premium Painting-Western Nepal


This painting is in quite a sense a mile-stone for my semi-profession as an artist which has been sold to Himalayan Club, UK
Size: 150/100/2cm

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This painting is in quite a sense a mile-stone for my semi-profession as an artist. First, it was the first painting in such a big scale, I mean in size. I had never chose before such a big canvas for landscape painting. The canvas couldn’t even fit into my car, I had to open the hood in convertible mode and put it in and had to grab it by one side almost half an hour driving.

Second, I only could finish the painting after two months, some days of this duration were full day-job and some only half. I was such a sense that you could see a whole village from the top of the hill and memories one after another aspects of it to put them into the canvas.

Third, it was the first time that I was being paid for a work of art. Although, in Pokhara, when we used to paint fishtail [ माछापुछ्रे ] Mountain on the leaves of a tree called PIPAL[ पिपल ] and put them into a box owned by Bhurtel Sir, those used to get sold every now and then which would have our share a bit too. But those arts were not entirely ours [boys], it was the process of learning arts in there at his gallery. We had to collect some nice and big shapes of leaves of that tree called PIPAL[ पिपल ] and had to bury them into the mud for a about half a month until those would have gone into the only membranes. After washing them carefully, those had to be place over the black color folding paper on where we could paint mountain and lakes with white color. So, that were not entirely my own creations but this one was which fetched 300 pounds which equivalent to NRS 50,000. I simply couldn’t believe that my work of art was bought on NRS 50,000. Amazing! In Nepal, people would buy arts from the gallery created by famous artists.

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Dimensions 150 × 100 × 2 cm


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