Gurung Couple from eastern Nepal


It was actually an anniversary gift from my wife. I liked making it.

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This is an anniversary gift for the Gurung couple who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary is a painting capturing their love and journey together. The painting is a tribute to their enduring bond and serves as a visual representation of their shared experiences and memories.

I portray the couple in the painting, capturing their likeness and essence with great attention to detail. Their smiling faces and gentle expressions radiate warmth and contentment, reflecting the love and happiness they have found in each other.

The background of the painting is filled with vibrant colours, representing the tapestry of their lives. Symbolic elements such as blooming flowers or a serene landscape could be included to signify growth, beauty, and the serenity they have experienced throughout their years together.

The painting is rendered with skilful brushstrokes and a blend of colours, creating a harmonious composition that evokes a sense of joy and celebration. I may choose to incorporate subtle touches of gold or silver accents to symbolize the preciousness of their enduring love.


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