Joshuwa’s Portrait on the paper

I was at the job, night shift, working quietly, boredom was killing me, suddenly on our system, Josh’s profile came up, coz he was on the round and he had just entered into a building where net 2 system was in placed. He has funny kinda facial structure and I just like to draw on the paper, which I did and left that on the table. That very morning, when we about to finish our shift, he came to me and asked me to sign on the same paper where I drew his face. That was amazing, no one ever said like that before and most funny outa that was..the picture that I drew was just some lines which was done within one or two minutes.
I said thanks for appreciating my painting but that is nothing. Let me make one one the bigger picture and some colour on it and I will bring that tonight.. He was happy. Came home and slept for four hours, made dinner, took bath and spent one hour to create his portrait. Later that night, he received that and thanked me and next day brought a fine bottle of single malt whiskey. I was a happy man either way, coz, he wanted me to sign on the paper and I did as autograph.


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