Mother is God


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There isn’t enough words to describe the affection and love of a mother to her child in the world, no matter who and how. The way a mother takes care of her child, is similar [as we hope] as the god takes care of human. The affect and love of a mother is so divine and beautiful that there is nothing compare to it.
Especially in Nepal, there are common customs that the households have to be looked after by women and men have to look elsewhere. Most of the scenario, men would go out from the country to earn money and women look after the house and children. I had seen quite a some women who were doing very hard job without resting even some days after giving berth to her child. Here in UK, a woman gets a year for her maternity leave but there in Nepal, in village where you do whatever it takes to you to get survive by yourself, get nothing as maternity leave or paternity leave, it is as like pay as you go, eat as you earn..


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