Nepali Village near riverside

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It’s a landscape handmade triptych acrylic painting on canvasses which are following sizes respectively: 1 meter/1 foot, 1meter/1.5 meter, and 1 meter/1 foot. The painting is based on south Asian landscape. Delivery on customers expenses, I’m based in London, just next to Heathrow Terminal 4. The postal charge is written for the illustration purpose. All transaction has to be made on GBP. [Postal charges apply accordingly.]

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This one of the largest canvas painting that I created so far in acrylic medium. This is in three pieces format. I think, this is the best one so far because I have come to know that the last one is always best. This is altogether in size 7 foots by 4 foots.

Some one recently asked me that what inspired me to create this particular landscape? Whether it is real place in Nepal or just imaginative one? Well, it has been ages that I traveled around Nepal. When I used to work for NADC in Kathmandu, I had the numerous chances to travel from east to west and south to north and at the same time, I got to see the different aspects and prospects of the different localities, customs and scenarios about the Nepalese cities and villages and their peoples. I like the villages or cities situated near the river or lake or streams, I like greenness at the jungle and blueish in the sky. I like the liveable localities in the society. So in this picture, I have gathered nearly half a dozen of places’ points of interest and combined them together.

I hope, people like it.

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