A Gift for secret SANTA

In our company, last year, I received a name for whom I had to prepare a gift and rap that with rappers. The person that I had to find a gift for is one of the best person in our company and really like to make or find some thing special but instead of finding and buying some thing, I rather liked to create one. So I painted a landscape with the famous mountain and rural western Nepal. I rapped that over and left into the room where all of had to leave the gifts.

I didn’t have a chance to be present on that day to see his reaction. Every one had taken their gifts and he also had taken the painting. I didn’t hear anything from any one talking out the painting. After nearly 10 months, he talked to me about the painting…”I didn’t know that it’s from you and I didn’t even know that it actually was painted by you. I thought that some one must have bought the painting and rapped it over and put my name on it. Now, I have hanged this painting on my living room. It is really nice. Thanks. BTW, you  have some talent. Thanks”
I was just happy listening all of that.
“You are welcome”

£ 200.00 [Gifted]

It was painted on the paper which had been gifted already.

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